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Our story

The Ayaat is a very reputed store for scientific and surgical instruments and chemicals stated under Ayaat Traders Pvt. Limited (TTPL). We provide quality instruments & chemicals to school, college, university, hospitals and all kind of laboratories. In 1946, The founder of The Ayaat Traders Pvt. Ltd, Late Haji Muzaffar Ahmad started book business (Ayaat Library) . In 1965, Ayaat started scientific business.In 1976, both surgical & medical department were established.In1990,Ayaat has established ‘Cooker Laboratories Ltd.’ a household & toiletries, Chemicals and scientific & medical instruments manufacturing industry. In 1985, Ayaat started 125 acre Rubber Garden and producing rubber sheet. Today, there are about six branches in the major cities of Bangladesh.

The Ayaat is the first reputed complete store in Bangladesh for quality Surgical and Scientific instruments and chemicals.


Our Mission

To reach the people of all the 65 districts of Bangladesh by ensuring quality products for you. We believe in quality and safety and the choice is yours.